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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The first weekend of May !

On Friday : 05.05.2017

And on Saturday : 05.06.2017

Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you ready?

Friends, mates, comrades, we want to show you our love for you once again. To be completely honest, we don't know how it's gonna be this season closing party, but one thing we know for sure:
it's gonna be MASSIVE!!!

Thank you for your last presence Thursday, it was like a family reunion, everyone had a huge smile and satisfaction on his/her face. So, to show you how much we appreciate you, we will have our house specialty, the best of the best, old school meets new school, or to put it simply:
Bela, VyGO and Gramosoul will set your shoes on fire

They will infuse in you some wicked sounds in your liquid souls and leave you with a pleasant memory of all that means Obo Cafe. Ladies and gentleman, get ready, and take your next day (Wednesday, to be more precise) off, 'cause you are going to be wasted, and who the hell can go to work completely ravaged.

So, you know: we're closing in style and fully confident. We will be recharging our batteries and reopening hopefully sometime in November. And then...
party again

See you very, very soon. Tuesday :D !

cheerios and n'Joy.

P.S.:please, comment on this one. This blog deserves at least one comment :P

Best regards: Paul, Stefan, Phuncee, Andrea

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Schedule Change

So here it goes :

The following changes have been made

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Bye bye ... Tai tai party w/ vyGO , Bela & Gramosoul
And from wednesday bye bye old Obo until the new one shall open sometime in November.

Signed OBO Staff

ps: Jack's PHOTOs

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thursday : Jack's Birthday w/ vyGO , Cahul & Dimitri
Friday : Last Friday for our regular guests ( only w/ reservation)
Saturday : Reserved
Sunday - Monday : Closed
Tuesday : vyGO back 2 back Aleka
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : we give our final breath w/ vyGO , Bela & Gramosoul (this will be big :) )
Friday : the space is empty

Middle of November ( Hopefully ) : OBO will resurrect


An END is a new, fresh START

Hello dears. It's been a while since we have opened Obo Cafe. Well, relatively, because we have had open for 10 months now, but still, we have lots of good memories, parties and we have learned many many things from this, which was somehow new even for us: opening a bar and making it work. We are proud of ourselves and mainly of all of you. We consider all of you good friends and we appreciate each and everyone of you.

Obo Cafe will close on the 1st of October. But no worries, you will hear of us soon, but we need a little time to fire everything up again. ( We believe it will be around the middle of November)

Until then, to show our love and appreciation to all you Obo Cafe supporters, we will have two massive Thursday night parties and one unforgetable Friday night thingy.

This week, the one and only, immortal, cherished VyGO with Dimitri and Cahul. We will be celebrating friend Jack's party, Jack Daniel's party. It's his 160th.

Friday we expect all of you to throw a massive party. You are our best friend, so you're wish is our command. Music you want to hear ( MC Phuncee), people you wanna bring. And bring some, 'cause it all depends on you on how cool it's gonna be Friday. And hey, it's the last Friday at the Obo Cafe you all know, on "Sitei colt cu Bisericii Romane" :P. And we will have some surprises from our friend Jack .

Forgot to mention: Tuesday, another VyGO party, back 2 back Aleka.

And the last Thursday if it's Thursday it's Obo theme party shall have special beloved guests: VyGO, Gramosoul and Bela. We want you there!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boogie nights

...for all the season that will come!

Long summer, long. With our tan done, with our vacation done, we have work to do. It's getting busy again. So here we go, with some crazy nights for all of you, starting from Thursday as usual. And what is a common phrase you all know? That's right: If it's Thursday, it's Obo, or "Daca e joi, e Obo". Proudly presenting vyGO, alongside Azteca, in an astonishing house music show brought to you only for you party people, wicked people, fun people. House music in it's purest forms in a friendly and minimalistic place a.k.a. at Obo Cafe.


What about Saturday?? School starts soon, but we still have a wild appetite for long nights and special parties. So, screw school and everything else, it's weekend. It's colder outside, but hotter than ever inside Obo. Jagermeister proudly presents Rome.ro & Inoxbrains, a public event you won't forget for a long time. Music from the underground, people getting higher and higher from the ground. I mean, this is SEEEEEErious! Breakbeat for starters, liquid and funky something, what the heck, not so much music for the masses, but music for the knowers.




Jagermeister Shot - 5 RON
Jager Red Bull - 12 RON
Jager Apple - 10 RON
Jager Cola - 10 RON
Jager Bomb - 8 RON
Jager Cranberry - 10 RON


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday you to be

Mhm. For Saturday, as I said before, one word: youtube. www.youtube.com. I won't go further revealing...yet. First: a red-line cocktail is made of Sambuca, Jose Cuervo Tequila and something called Creme de Cassis (1 teaspoon of it) which is a blood-red, sweet, blackcurrant flavored liqueur.
Served in a Shot Glass, excellent for this Saturday night.

Now, what is the meaning of all this? How in the world can these two things have something in common??! What these two things they have in common is Obo Cafe. Saturday, for a shot cocktail of red line, you will be the most powerful man/woman in the bar, for several minutes. Because for every red-line cocktail shot, shot of cocktail, you will choose the music, you want, one song or why not a video or something you like...from the YouTube.

We thought: Hey, let's make a YouTube night. We'll have an image projector, we have the internet, let's have fun with the YouTube like we have fun at home, only that this time you won't spend your time on YouTube at home, but /of course/ at Obo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Ladies and lads. Are you bored? No sun is shining? We will give you that summer feeling this week, as in every week. The game night, or The Game Night, is huuuuuuuuge fun. I mean, games like "don't let the monkey fall out of the tree", Cluedo, Uno, Risc Commander, Jenga Tower, Saboteur, Cash'n'Guns and many, many more. You don't have all night to try all out. So, we gather again tomorrow (Wednesday) and we shall play. Seriously, not so seriously, depending on the game, but at least you will all do something creative and FUN.

Wednesday : Game Night.

Rendez-vous Thursday. Vygo meets Byby & Eddy. Minimalistic house muzak, good times. What else could I possibly say more about Thursday's at Obo than you all know. Maybe you even know more than we do. If you don't know how it is or what is it about, ask a friend, or ask a friend to ask a friend. One of these two possibilities will give you some info and some feedback. And I bet ya it's gonna be a good one.

For Saturday...we shall tease you a little bit. One word: youtube. ?!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday & Saturday

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Friday, July 9, 2010

Nechste woche

And for the NECHSTE WOCHE section...

Warm nights we shall have. If it's cold outsied, even if it's summer, it's gonna be warm and fuzzy next week at Obo Cafe.

Wednesday something extra. The name? Wednesday: Darts and friends night. Simple! The same old darts competition, but... (there is always a but >:) ). Game night, meaning that we'll have several games you can choose from, as Monopoly, Risc Commander, Nu te supara frate, Mix&Match, Scrabble, card games or you can even bring your own game. Why bring your own game?! That is as simple as the name of our Wednesday 'thing'. You will get a 30% discount on your drink. Game on!!!

Ladies night. If it's Thursday, it's Obo as some might say. More details soon..sooner or later :D.

For Friday, we will probably have a surprise for you. Begins with K... Start guessing.

And we just received an anonymous letter, which states that Funky Monkey, or Monkey, won't be in town only for this weekend, but even until next Saturday. Some even say, that (s)he is going to be in Brashow for quite a while and that (s)he bought a parking lot close to Obo Cafe. That is serious! Hooray!!


Yellou...! How you doin'? All good? ALL GOOD! 'Cause my friends, this is what's gonna happen on Saturday! The infamous Funky Monkey is in town....again!!! And (s)he's going to do some serious business. It seems (s)he likes Brashow so much, (s)he decided to party again Saturday at the (also infamous but seriously fun) Obo cafe. With his/her afro hair style, big shades and that yummy monkey ears, people say (s)he's going to be dancing wildly all night to the many genres (s)he likes. In respect for the almighty Funky Monkey, the most special guest of all our special guests, we'll have Ursus, Jagermeister, Tequila for a very reasonable price. For the good mood, you know?

By the way, does anyone knows who Funky Monkey really is? 'Cause some say it's only a spirit, bringing some crazy (errrr...in a good way) parties wherever this spirit goes, AND some even say that Funky Monkey is actually YOU!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The coolest monkey wants you !

Hello friends! I personally like this flyer, actually, to be honest, it has a sentimental value. Yes, it's gonna be another Funky Monkey party...has new looks the funkiest monkey in town, looks pretty freakin' awesome ||the best part for me, that I am gonna be home (Phuncee is coming home :D) after 2 and something long months away||. So, believe me, we gonna rock the house (and Obo Cafe is a house if you think about it :P) with funk and indie and reggae and dub and some drum and bass (why not!!) and nice rock'n'roll music. A mix variety of enjoyable music. Ursus 4 lei, longdrinks 8 and Jagermeister 4 lei. Wow! What else do you want?

Friday, do not forget, oldies, especially Michael Jackson's music. Buh-bye. See ya in the weekend!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ku pon dis! (Look on this!)

Hey yo! I-ney! (A classic Rasta greeting). Saturday is big bashment (A great event or happening; dancehall; party) at Obo, manna'! All dem rude bwoys (can be a common greeting to a cool friend) and shorties (slang expression similar to saying ‘chick’ or girl), we awaiting for y'all for the sensational spectacular dandimite (dynamite) reggae night party. Ragga (reggae) rockas (slang for music and enjoying such) for the massive crew, all provided by the masterful skillful, the one and only, universally well-known Dj Winamp with Mc Shuffle. You radda (rather) not stay at home because that is no good and flex (to chill and hang out having a time) at di Obo. Ease up uno self (Relax yourselves) with specially priced beers - Ursus at di price of 4 lei, longdrinks for di price of 8 lei and tequila for only 3 lei. It's a muss (must)!

If you wanna prepare yourself for da party, with some slang words, here's a tip bald heads and dreadlocked people :P : http://www.speakjamaican.com/glossary/.

Big up! Jah bless! (God bless).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun/TASTEit / !

Update, update, upTOdate! June...hot summer days. And after every sunny warm day, some hot stuff at Obo. And because weekend starts from Thursday, we have:

Yes, yes dear ladies and sirs. Of course, vyGO. Who does not love our number one deejay, especially for a classical Ladies night, for a night of pure house music. Our guest this week is going to be Nairam Naoi, as you obviously could see on our flyer. Nairam Naoi previously performed at Opium, so it's gonna be a great house music experience this Thursday...as every week, Thursdays at Obo of course. We try to satisfy your hunger for your favorite music and we do our best to do that. No descriptions for vyGO, you already know the lad and his skills :D.

Okay, moving on. Friday..oldies. What can I say? Old skool fun, new skool experience. You are all very very welcome. I guess you already know the drill.

And after Friday comes Saturday. When we shall have a killer party...All you can drink Jagermeister party: the sequel.

Oh yes! All you can freakin drink. Attending: mister deejay Inoxbrains along with his vinyls. Funky jazzy house music for your senses..joy for your ears, and the pleasure of Jagermeister. We think it's a perfect combination. How about you? See you.

Oh, almost forgot: here's something to tease you >>>

Inoxbrains @ Liquid Sounds on Logitune.fm (19.11.2009) [Vinyl mix] by Inoxbrains

The entry fee will be 40 lei-gentleman / 30 lei-ladies. The rest is up to you.

3,2,1...PARTY ON!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladies...and ladettes

This Tuesday is a more special Tuesday than the others. Besides the familiar vyGO, Azteca, active member of the project nightclubber.ro and the host of its weekly show, House Experience on justmusic.fm.
Pure house music. El Jimador, Mexico's no.1 tequila presents LAS NOCHES BLANCAS.
Special prices, free tequila shots for the ladies, Corona to go perfectly with your tequila.

Tequila El Jimador Shot - 3 RON
Corona Extra + Tequila El Jimador Shot - 10 RON


P.S. Azteca Guest at Onefm \ Adrian Eftimie's Show by AZteCA