Thursday, March 25, 2010

True Russian way.

Rusky Panyanyusky!

Guess who's back! "...Let's get this party started right/Let's get drunk and freaky fly/We gonna stay up the whole night." says the song. As do we. Vodka party (with the support of our friends from Smirnoff) THIS FRIDAY. YOU DRINK THE VODKA...or all the VODKA YOU can DRINK, unlimited amount, all night. Partystarter, firestarter, the DJ of your favourite night is nobody else than the already veteran DJ Bela. So get ready to get funk'd. The entry fee...amazingly 25 ron. And although on the flyer says after 24:00 it will be 21 (he was thinking about the vodka and the party, apologies accepted :P), actually it will be a little bit 60 ron. So, 25 ron before midnight, 60 after. So, make sure you won't be late. CHEERS!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kiss the cook!

We have for you two special recipes (events) fresh, out from the oven (still warm, and it's gonna be hotter), made by the town's best cooks (and I refer here to ourselves of course). All yummy, all MUST GO!! Dammschoppen, Smirnoff Party, Caipirinha Party, and the "starting to be a classical and notorious" Ladies Night, every Thursday, with vyGO and Dimitri. What else? come! Hope to see each and every one of you! CHEERS!


Monday, March 8, 2010

What's your limit?

"How could it be?", "Really?", "Are you joking?". Lots of questions !!! Yes, really. We have for you, unlimited music, by Inoxbrains [some real nice tricky breakbeat sounds] and unlimited amount and/or shots of Jagermeister for a limited price. ALL YOU CAN DRINK Jagermeister Party, Friday.

We want your soul!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ladies night becomes more and more exciting. And we are glad, because excitement and fun is what we like the most. Everyone enjoyed this weeks Thursday party, in one way or another. Not that the other weeks, people haven't enjoyed the DJ sets of Inoxbrain and/or vyGO. Of course, it was all fun too. I guess that's why more and more attend to this party, and not only. We are making new friends, another thing we are glad and happy about.
Thank you for everyone, and a thank you goes this week to vyGO and Dimitri, for the atmosphere. We have some photos, click on the link below mates.
vyGO & Dimitri Photos

And one more thing : welcome back Tomi and Szilvi. Hope to see you before you leave.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something about some thing

Hy there. Obo café and bar here. Do you know where the name comes from? I bet you do, and if you don't, sorry, won't tell you, will have to figure it out yourself. Obo is an abbreviation and Paul came up with the name (figures :P). But what about those other two words? Cafe and bar? You know what it means, but if someone asks you to define, it will be much harder than you thought.
That's why, here's a little help. Well, cafe'[French café, from Italian caffè, from Ottoman Turkish qahveh] is not that hard to define if I think about it :-). It simply means coffehouse, but it can also mean a restaurant or BAR or a room in a hotel or restaurant where coffee and liquors are served.
So why Obo café AND bar you might ask. Because it sounds better and because you might have not knew this until know.
Meaning of bar? Several :P. A relatively long, straight, rigid piece of solid material used as a fastener, support, barrier, or a chocolate bar, a tribunal and so on. Or the place where you can sit on a higher chair and drink until you get drunk. Or just drink. The place where the drinks are at and where the bartender usually hangs out. See, that's the difference. At a café you don't sit at the bar, if you have a bar, you can sit and have a chat with the bartender.
Confused? Me to!

Back to serious, don't forget that Wednesday it's darts. This week 301 game rules, you can register until Wednesday, 19:30. And after 20:00 the game is on. Powered by Johnnie Walker

And another thing. We are now in Zile si Nopti, make sure you find us.