Thursday, June 24, 2010

The coolest monkey wants you !

Hello friends! I personally like this flyer, actually, to be honest, it has a sentimental value. Yes, it's gonna be another Funky Monkey party...has new looks the funkiest monkey in town, looks pretty freakin' awesome ||the best part for me, that I am gonna be home (Phuncee is coming home :D) after 2 and something long months away||. So, believe me, we gonna rock the house (and Obo Cafe is a house if you think about it :P) with funk and indie and reggae and dub and some drum and bass (why not!!) and nice rock'n'roll music. A mix variety of enjoyable music. Ursus 4 lei, longdrinks 8 and Jagermeister 4 lei. Wow! What else do you want?

Friday, do not forget, oldies, especially Michael Jackson's music. Buh-bye. See ya in the weekend!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ku pon dis! (Look on this!)

Hey yo! I-ney! (A classic Rasta greeting). Saturday is big bashment (A great event or happening; dancehall; party) at Obo, manna'! All dem rude bwoys (can be a common greeting to a cool friend) and shorties (slang expression similar to saying ‘chick’ or girl), we awaiting for y'all for the sensational spectacular dandimite (dynamite) reggae night party. Ragga (reggae) rockas (slang for music and enjoying such) for the massive crew, all provided by the masterful skillful, the one and only, universally well-known Dj Winamp with Mc Shuffle. You radda (rather) not stay at home because that is no good and flex (to chill and hang out having a time) at di Obo. Ease up uno self (Relax yourselves) with specially priced beers - Ursus at di price of 4 lei, longdrinks for di price of 8 lei and tequila for only 3 lei. It's a muss (must)!

If you wanna prepare yourself for da party, with some slang words, here's a tip bald heads and dreadlocked people :P :

Big up! Jah bless! (God bless).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun/TASTEit / !

Update, update, upTOdate! summer days. And after every sunny warm day, some hot stuff at Obo. And because weekend starts from Thursday, we have:

Yes, yes dear ladies and sirs. Of course, vyGO. Who does not love our number one deejay, especially for a classical Ladies night, for a night of pure house music. Our guest this week is going to be Nairam Naoi, as you obviously could see on our flyer. Nairam Naoi previously performed at Opium, so it's gonna be a great house music experience this every week, Thursdays at Obo of course. We try to satisfy your hunger for your favorite music and we do our best to do that. No descriptions for vyGO, you already know the lad and his skills :D.

Okay, moving on. Friday..oldies. What can I say? Old skool fun, new skool experience. You are all very very welcome. I guess you already know the drill.

And after Friday comes Saturday. When we shall have a killer party...All you can drink Jagermeister party: the sequel.

Oh yes! All you can freakin drink. Attending: mister deejay Inoxbrains along with his vinyls. Funky jazzy house music for your for your ears, and the pleasure of Jagermeister. We think it's a perfect combination. How about you? See you.

Oh, almost forgot: here's something to tease you >>>

Inoxbrains @ Liquid Sounds on (19.11.2009) [Vinyl mix] by Inoxbrains

The entry fee will be 40 lei-gentleman / 30 lei-ladies. The rest is up to you.

3,2,1...PARTY ON!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladies...and ladettes

This Tuesday is a more special Tuesday than the others. Besides the familiar vyGO, Azteca, active member of the project and the host of its weekly show, House Experience on
Pure house music. El Jimador, Mexico's no.1 tequila presents LAS NOCHES BLANCAS.
Special prices, free tequila shots for the ladies, Corona to go perfectly with your tequila.

Tequila El Jimador Shot - 3 RON
Corona Extra + Tequila El Jimador Shot - 10 RON


P.S. Azteca Guest at Onefm \ Adrian Eftimie's Show by AZteCA