Saturday, January 30, 2010

Allow me

Hello friends. Obo Cafe had this week its first darts contest. Concentration, nerves, competitiveness, drinks, fun...we had everything. A real success! A bunch of you came, some of you even had more luck than the others..but at the end, it wasn't that important who won. This was the first of the several contests to be held. And next time, we are sure there will be even more in the basement, gathering for a game.

The world's #1 vodka (not accidentally we have this vodka in our menu.. oh and btw the shots given out Friday were made out of the same vodka ) invites you to be restless, to be inventive, to be extraordinary, to be able to say 'I was There'. Were you Obo Cafe? We had some nice oldies music and full house. We even ran out of beer. Everyone had a great time. Dancing and party means two times more fun. So, this is a special request! Get a move on, have your legs and your body go with the flow, with the music. I guarantee you all, besides having good drinks and fun with your friends, dancing goes along well with the spirit of Obo Cafe. Have some more fun. See you next time. CHEERioS!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Darts? DARTS! in January the 27th, we shall have a darts contest, Cricket to be more exact. Starting at 8PM. Best out of 3 games. It doesn't matter you can't play...beginners luck actually works in this game. And if you don't least you tried and had some fun. So come on know the drill:put some clothes on, hop in your car, grab a taxi, have a walk to Obo Cafe..

Let me introduce myself.

Hello there people. If you enjoy playing darts, drinking some well made cocktails, good company, quality music, or you simply don't know where to go in Brasov, then you're on the right spot. Why? Because Obo Cafe is all this. Let me show you some pictures..

...and this is just the looks of Obo cafe. Quite cozy, huh?

Okay, let's go on. So, let me elaborate. Ursus, Miller, Corona..some of the beers. Jim Beam, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Tequilla Sunrise, Cuba Libre, Long Island. Some special, obo style cocktails, anything you want. And of course coffee. The whole menu

Interested? And we shouldn't forget the music! Chillout, funk, ambient, jazz and blues, oldies, electronic. Every day of the week, different genres.

Where is it? Bisericii Romane street nr. 112, at the corner of Sitei street. Open from Monday to Friday from 10 to 23, Saturdays from 17 to 23.

Come on in! Put some clothes on, hop in your car, a taxi, the bus, take a walk, whatever..Your next stop is Obo Cafe.