Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mentioned before, updated now! The darts competition is every Wednesday mates. The new thing, the cool thing is that is powered by Johnnie...Johnnie Walker. The weekly legs prizes are by the mentioned Johnnie Walker. The big prize is the money that is gathered in the weekly the end of every month! The players who take part in any two legs of the month are eligible for the final . And for the players Johnnie Walker + cola 6 ron. Tell me it's not worth it. You can't!!! Hah! It's on!

...and! One more thing. Small prices, big fun, or, in other words, we are now officially in Zile si Nopti. And we have some pretty nice plans made for you. You will find it in the next Zile si Nopti, and of course, on the blog. For starters, ladies night with Inoxbrains. And then, in the next few weeks, some other interesting stuff, like Flower Power, Red Russia or Lucky Saturday. I mean, we really have a good imagination, at least we think so :P. And you will be very busy @ Obo Cafe. For sure! Don't make other plans! See ya!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It speaks for himself!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh yes it's ladies night , and the feeling's right

"Romantic lady , single baby, sophisticated mama..every lady. Come on you disco lady!"

Yes, yes. We are turning the page. It's Thursday, then it's got to be the ladies night.
Free sHOTs for every lady, at the bar, atmosphere created by Dj vyGO with some skilful groovy sounds.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Costume party

You've seen the movies Gladiator, Alexander, Asterix and Obelix, Cleopatra? Don't bother answering :-). Saturday we shall have a themed party, costume party. And the theme is: ANCIENT times. And you can be Hercules, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or a barbarian king, a simple legionnaire whoever you would like to be from the ancient times, from the times of the early civilizations.

Free shots of SAMBUCA for all of you who wears a costume Saturday.

So: Ancient costume party, at 21:00, Obo Cafe, wear a costume or you won't get free shots. But of course, we will still welcome you with the same joy :D with, or without costume.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The weekend was awesome! And we are very delighted to, because there was some dancing and party in the true way, so it is clear : this weekend was a success to you and to us as well.

Friday, as always, full house. Maybe we should reconsider the schedule, and have the cafe open until morning, because this week, we closed up after 5 am. But hey, we'll let you know that, if it will change.

I'll just skip Friday this time, because you should now by now, it is oldies night, it is always full, and if you weren't at Obo Friday, you can be sure, that you weren't in the right place. So Saturday....

The Mexican party was sick....sick as in very very freakin' goooooood! I mean....where can you get a Corona and a shot of the best tequila at a price of 8 lei? Nowhere, except at us, on a Mexican party. Our "amigo", Jose Cuervo made me, you, all of us present "amigos". That is why they say: tequila brings people together. I don't know if this saying exists, but I'm pretty sure that there is some truth in it.
[ By the way! Do you know how do they make tequila? It's made from blue-agave, made primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila , 65 kilometres northwest of Guadalajara, and in the highlands (Los Altos) of the western Mexican state of Jalisco. So, after harvesting the agave, they clear the piƱas (Spanish for pineapples). They are then shredded, their juices pressed out and put into fermentation tanks and vats. It's allowed to ferment in either wood or stainless steel vats for several days to convert the sugars into alcohol.] This is how, after a hard work and fermenting and shipping, the finest tequila was brought specially to the Mexican party, last night.

The poncho and the sombrero was hot. I don't know how these Mexican can stay in those warm accessories, especially after some shots of tequila. Anyway, back to the party. I liked it. The mariachi music is a bit depressive I admit, but I think it goes along very well with the tequila. And this slow, mellow mariachi music played only by midnight. Just for the drinking period. After that, we had some real Mexican music. And after that, party music. To bad many of you left, we had some great after party. It was like hell broke lose, really. In a good way of course :-) ! I can't even describe how was it, I can just say that it was great, with dancing and having fun, all that. Until morning, how else.. We'll post some pictures later on. Until then, maybe you should post some comments, tell us how was the Saturday in your point of view, or write us anything you want or you'd like (we'd appreciate some suggestions to)

Una weekendo plesenta amigos! Salutare!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mexican Party on Saturday

Hey, gringo! Saturday una fiesta mexicana at Obo Cafe. Before the day of the Valentine's, tequilla and Corona will be on the main menu to really start up a Mexican style party. Have a nice siesta Saturday, and when the night falls, get your sombrero and your "pistola" with you to Obo Cafe.

Well yeah ... we know it's Valentines ... but that's old news , we are gonna drink and party like the mexicans.

Mariachi music , Corona , Tequila , Bloody Maria and Margaritas will be the night's most wanted.

And don't worry Corona and Tequila will be a few "pesos", not like anything else will be expensive.
Free entrance.

Free Nachos
One Meter of Tequila (Jose Cuervo) ~ 40 ron
Corona ~ 8 ron + you will get a Tequila shot on the House
Margarita and Bloody Maria ~ 10 ron.
Mexican Flag ~ 8 ron

Monday, February 8, 2010

Darts contest for everyone.

We will do it like this: Darts every Wednesday from now on, every day different games, one week 301, another week 501 and then cricket. All you got to do is subscribe.

Funky fresh

Funkee, scratchee, funny
You don't need only the money
Come bring your honey
The music's gonna make you druggy.

Are you funky fresh? Got to come Tuesday . . Carefully selected playlist! Free entrance.

We don't need to pop out your eardrums to enjoy our funky sounds!!

A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend!

...that is what they say. And I guarantee you that this saying is perfectly true in some weird way. Everybody had a great time Friday night. You can be very disappointed if you weren't here. Those free shots I told you about, had its effects. They went away every time like warm bread, or "ca painea calda". I myself got in the "very drunk guy" position. And I wasn't the only one. Laughing, dancing, friends, all of the house specialty. Hey, we even were open until early morning.
We liked the atmosphere. You liked the atmosphere.
And about my experience? I got to tell you one thing though, before I'll write something further. I never would have thought that my sight will get this blurry Friday night. But, that's the magic. Simply, drink, drink, drink and drunk. Maybe made a little bit a fool of myself, especially in the morning. Sorry for the toilet and the people in my way for the bathroom.
Next Friday, same thing. Salutare.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your weekend is knockin' at your door!!

And you can easily start your weekend from today*. We take it slowly, so we'll have today, Thursday, jazz and blues. And with jazz and blues, your friends go along very well, so don't come alone, bring your friends, as many as you can.

*Soulful, joyful, jazzy as shown in the example below.

And after an easy start of your early weekend, Friday comes with more energy. Obo Cafe has all the condition to start the party, it just depends on you how big it will be. We'll have the music, hey, even free shots to get you lose. Yup, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, FREE SHOTS!!!
What do you want me to tell you else? Get your friends, take your coats, come on in, get together. See ya!

P.S.: And if you're around Obo, between 14 and 20 o'clock, check out how some 15 year old teenagers celebrate a birthday nowadays. My little brother's birthday. Tell me how it was, 'cause I can't be there.