Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not so unusual

First of all: Happy Easter! Paste Fericit! Hristos a inviat! Hope you enjoyed your holiday like we did, everyone in his own way: at home, with the family, with friends, in the city... at Obo Cafe maybe.

The Ladies Night is still on, next week, another session. We are pleased that we can fill your Thursday night, that this event is becoming more and more popular and known. No trouble though, we don't likey!

And also, next week, the darts contest...reloaded. We had our first final (monthly final) two weeks ago, a new month begins. So, next week darts, Wednesday of course, will be back with more infos.

Get by every day, whenever you want, for a coffee or something refreshing or anything you want to drink ('cuz we have it :D), we are at the same place. You know where we are.
Hey, they say: Small prices, big fun. Come on in! CHEERIOS!