Monday, May 17, 2010

Liquid Vibez, Ladies Night and 'za' funky monkey style

vyGO & Dimitri @ House Experience on Justmusic.FM [21.05.2010] by vygo

Two flyers, two different evenings/nights. For all taste, for every night of the week. Monday is's your first day of the week, it's hard so we usually take it easy on Mondays. Work, class, other things that make you would just have a drink or something, but not a wild night or a noisy company. We respect that, so Monday, when you'll come to Obo, you will relax, get ready for the week.

Flyer number 1. Liquid Vibez? Inoxbrains? Every Tuesday, starting from!! Couldn't be better? WE KNOW MATE. Absolutely the most enjoyable drum and bass sounds, liquid tunes, Inoxbrains hosts his weekly carefully selected vinyl show !! Who cares if it's in midweek. At least it keeps you electrified on high BPMs. Makes you fit, for the rest of the week.

Wednesday..darts, darts, darts and darts again...and again and again. This week, Wednesday, darts. Got that? Sure you did! No need to tell you one more time :D.

Flyer number 2. Electronic music, again, lower BPM, big fun. Bacardi presents this week's Ladies Night. Behind the CDJ's, in the right corner, between two windows, Vygo and Dimitri. Bacardi Cola, 6 ron. The unbeatable champions of heavyweight Thursday nights...exclusively...and only :) at Obo Cafe.

'Don't you wish your monkey was fun(ky) like me?' . Funky Monkey party. A little less conversation, a little more action please All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me /Elvis/, I can't get no, satisfaction, hey hey hey /The Rolling Stones/ Everybody in the casa mare, dimineata pe racoare /Zdob si Zdub/, I can't get no sleep /Faithless/ And the sign says 'Long haired freaky people need not apply' /Fatboy Slim/ Give it to me baby, aha aha /Offspring/. They all say it in their songs. You'll be hearing it Saturday, at Funky Monkey party. And many more, like this but still different. Music, dancing, hey..even Funky Monkey himself is coming to this party, that's how good is going to be. Definitely join, bring your friends. Saturday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday to Sunday Monday, Monday to Sunday, yo!

It's a new week, some new, fresh stuff for you. You probably noticed the flyer. Well, that's for today's party: if it's Tuesday, it's liquid sounds, soulful drum and bass with deejay InoxbrainS. If it goes well, it might be a sure thing every Tuesday...but that we will see. Here's a mix, just to have a clue.

Inoxbrains - Vinyl Session - Elecetre'n'Bass by Inoxbrains

Wednesday darts. No comment here, I think you all know pretty much everything.

Thursday we decided to change a little bit the headliners. We're gonna dance, dance alongside The Mayor and The rest is Ladies Night. See ya there!

The Mayor promo mix: The Mayor - Liquid Sounds Promo (February 2010) by The Mayor (RO)

And here we are, at the end of the week. Friday I guess you know: oldies music, plenty of people. Relax and enjoy.

Saturday. Well, Saturday it's Funky Monkey. Funky Monkey, with a wide variety of music. Funky Monkey with music you'd like to hear and dance to. Funky Monkey is funky fresh. Refresh yourself.

Have a nice week mates. CHEERioS!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long time no see

Finally, some fine weather. I mean, less clothes, more fun, warmer nights and longer days. What can be possibly be better than this? Well, I tell you what. Some more fun and a place you hang out. We have the place and we have the reason alias some events, parties and special priced drinks.

Here's what we have for you:

Darts, of course, every Wednesday, including today. Don't forget darts lovers, join the club which is getting bigger and bigger every week at our contest. Powered by Metaxa. The prizes: 1st Metaxa backpack | 2nd Metaxa T-Shirt | 3rd Metaxa Suntonic.

And the all classical Ladies Night, or Vygo, Dimitri and Cahul this week, Thursday. No comment here, it's a fine night every week. If you don't know how it is, maybe you should check it out. You'll love it.

If it's Friday, it's oldies at Obo Cafe Brasov. Again, carefully selected 70's, 80's and 90's music. The peak of the week. Full house, fun, fun and then again...more fun.

And Saturday, Dammschoppen with 20% off for all beers, Ursus, Miller, Pilsner Urquel, you name it. Dammschoppen with german folk music and a limited edition of Ursus beer at only 2 lei. So, limited 2 ron Ursus, draft means "if you're coming earlier, you definitely drink beer almost for free".

Will be waiting you. Nostra casa es su casa :).