Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you ready?

Friends, mates, comrades, we want to show you our love for you once again. To be completely honest, we don't know how it's gonna be this season closing party, but one thing we know for sure:
it's gonna be MASSIVE!!!

Thank you for your last presence Thursday, it was like a family reunion, everyone had a huge smile and satisfaction on his/her face. So, to show you how much we appreciate you, we will have our house specialty, the best of the best, old school meets new school, or to put it simply:
Bela, VyGO and Gramosoul will set your shoes on fire

They will infuse in you some wicked sounds in your liquid souls and leave you with a pleasant memory of all that means Obo Cafe. Ladies and gentleman, get ready, and take your next day (Wednesday, to be more precise) off, 'cause you are going to be wasted, and who the hell can go to work completely ravaged.

So, you know: we're closing in style and fully confident. We will be recharging our batteries and reopening hopefully sometime in November. And then...
party again

See you very, very soon. Tuesday :D !

cheerios and n'Joy.

P.S.:please, comment on this one. This blog deserves at least one comment :P

Best regards: Paul, Stefan, Phuncee, Andrea

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Schedule Change

So here it goes :

The following changes have been made

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Bye bye ... Tai tai party w/ vyGO , Bela & Gramosoul
And from wednesday bye bye old Obo until the new one shall open sometime in November.

Signed OBO Staff

ps: Jack's PHOTOs

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thursday : Jack's Birthday w/ vyGO , Cahul & Dimitri
Friday : Last Friday for our regular guests ( only w/ reservation)
Saturday : Reserved
Sunday - Monday : Closed
Tuesday : vyGO back 2 back Aleka
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : we give our final breath w/ vyGO , Bela & Gramosoul (this will be big :) )
Friday : the space is empty

Middle of November ( Hopefully ) : OBO will resurrect


An END is a new, fresh START

Hello dears. It's been a while since we have opened Obo Cafe. Well, relatively, because we have had open for 10 months now, but still, we have lots of good memories, parties and we have learned many many things from this, which was somehow new even for us: opening a bar and making it work. We are proud of ourselves and mainly of all of you. We consider all of you good friends and we appreciate each and everyone of you.

Obo Cafe will close on the 1st of October. But no worries, you will hear of us soon, but we need a little time to fire everything up again. ( We believe it will be around the middle of November)

Until then, to show our love and appreciation to all you Obo Cafe supporters, we will have two massive Thursday night parties and one unforgetable Friday night thingy.

This week, the one and only, immortal, cherished VyGO with Dimitri and Cahul. We will be celebrating friend Jack's party, Jack Daniel's party. It's his 160th.

Friday we expect all of you to throw a massive party. You are our best friend, so you're wish is our command. Music you want to hear ( MC Phuncee), people you wanna bring. And bring some, 'cause it all depends on you on how cool it's gonna be Friday. And hey, it's the last Friday at the Obo Cafe you all know, on "Sitei colt cu Bisericii Romane" :P. And we will have some surprises from our friend Jack .

Forgot to mention: Tuesday, another VyGO party, back 2 back Aleka.

And the last Thursday if it's Thursday it's Obo theme party shall have special beloved guests: VyGO, Gramosoul and Bela. We want you there!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boogie nights

...for all the season that will come!

Long summer, long. With our tan done, with our vacation done, we have work to do. It's getting busy again. So here we go, with some crazy nights for all of you, starting from Thursday as usual. And what is a common phrase you all know? That's right: If it's Thursday, it's Obo, or "Daca e joi, e Obo". Proudly presenting vyGO, alongside Azteca, in an astonishing house music show brought to you only for you party people, wicked people, fun people. House music in it's purest forms in a friendly and minimalistic place a.k.a. at Obo Cafe.


What about Saturday?? School starts soon, but we still have a wild appetite for long nights and special parties. So, screw school and everything else, it's weekend. It's colder outside, but hotter than ever inside Obo. Jagermeister proudly presents & Inoxbrains, a public event you won't forget for a long time. Music from the underground, people getting higher and higher from the ground. I mean, this is SEEEEEErious! Breakbeat for starters, liquid and funky something, what the heck, not so much music for the masses, but music for the knowers.



Jagermeister Shot - 5 RON
Jager Red Bull - 12 RON
Jager Apple - 10 RON
Jager Cola - 10 RON
Jager Bomb - 8 RON
Jager Cranberry - 10 RON